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Stocklands Kalina, Springfield - Sewer, Storm and Water infrastructure



Construction of a large, modern new residential subdivision in a rapidly expanding area. Construction of new sewer, stormwater and water infrastructure to service this large subdivision. Connections of the new infrastructure to Existing Council and Service Providers Assets.

Project Scope/Highlights:

· 2.5km of DN250/DN160 PE Sewer Pipelines

· Numerous cast in situ sewer structures

· Live Connection to existing QUU Sewer Asset

· 1.8km of DN375 to DN1800 Stormwater Pipelines

· Numerous cast in situ stormwater structures

· 2.6km of DN250/180/125 PE Water Pipelines

· Live Connection to DN450 Asbestos Trunk Water Main including removal and disposal of Asbestos Pipe

Working through residential areas and along public thoroughfares.

Client: Golding Contractors / QUU / Ipswhich City Council

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